EVB Home Delivery

Terms & Conditions

The risk in the goods shall pass to the customer on delivery, however all goods remain the property of Exe Valley Brewery until paid for in full.  All such goods are at the sole risk of the customer and must be paid for in full in the event of their loss, damage or destruction.

All casks and containers remain the property of Exe Valley Brewery and shall be kept safe by the customer until returned to us.  Payment of a deposit on such casks / containers does not entitle the customer to ownership of the casks / containers; Exe Valley Brewery will only refund such a deposit if the casks / containers are returned promptly and without damage.  Casks / containers that are not returned or are no longer serviceable will be charged for at replacement cost.  Casks are not measures, but every effort is made to ensure that they contain not less than their reputed quantities.  

Should any of our products appear defective, we expect to be afforded the opportunity to inspect it and, if satisfied of such defect, we will replace it free of charge.

Premises Licence - MDVPR0021
AWRS Number - XBAW00000101012